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Veteran’s Club

Our Veteran’s Club led our residents in making Christmas cards for a nursing home for veterans. They made over 120 cards!!!🥰... Read More

Residents’ Advice

Each week we will feature one of our great residents. We have a lot to learn from their wisdom. Here are a few so far.... Read More

Valentine’s Day Surprise

Valentine’s Day looked a little different this year.  But we celebrated none the less. Life Fellowship Church brought gift bags for the residents for Valentine’s Day. What great neighbors we...... Read More

Covid Heroes

Our world is very different now. This has been a tough year. But our staff, residents and families have been outstanding and we can’t tell them how much we love...... Read More

Covid Vaccinations

Today our residents got round one of their vaccines. #seniorliving #assistedliving #independentliving #seniorcare... Read More

Who Knew the Ice Cream Truck Made House Calls

"Ice cream truck speedy delivery!"... Read More

Our Entertaining Staff

With our families unable to visit for Easter the staff made sure that we were still entertained and made to feel special. New dance recruits? Remember when we showed them...... Read More